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Susan Savarese

Susan Savarese has been a dedicated dance educator for the last 32 years, 25 with Dallas ISD. She completed her master of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Related Arts at Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Liberal Arts at Rutgers University-Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey.  She has taught, danced, and performed at Rutgers University, Texas Woman’s University, Collin County Community College, various non-profit dance groups.  She has taught at private studios and been co-owner and teacher at the former Dance Depot in Plano. She has been awarded recognition from the South Dallas Dance Festival board for her work with students and has been recipient of the Dance Council of North Texas’ Larry White Dance Educators Award.  Susan has become one of CEDFA’s Training Cadre members. She has presented at CEDFA, TAHPERD, and TDEA. She has served as a  Big Thought’s Quality Review Panelists.  She recently received a Grant from Texas Cultural Trust for teaching a course in Dance and Media Communications I for HS credit.   Susan has many dance interests, but as a Dallas DTR teacher and TEA (TIA) Exemplary designation, she places special focus on the dance program and dance students at W. E. Greiner middle school and academy for the exploratory arts, where she has taught for the last 21 years.  After so many years in dance education she is looking forward to giving back to the dance community with her time and talents.


W. E. Greiner Dance Company is an outgrowth of the academy dance cluster at W. E. Greiner Middle School Academy for the Exploratory Arts. The company is composed of 7th and 8th grade dance students who audition to be in the class. They take ballet and modern 90 minutes 5 days a week and rehearse from 3 to 5 hours a week after school. Only a third take classes outside of Greiner; the other two thirds are public school students who have had some dance experience through public school or clubs. Every year the students have a set repertoire of about 4 to 5 dances and add 1 to 2 new pieces for that year. They have been honored to be selected to perform at the Mary Lois Sweatt South Dallas Dance Festival, TAHPERD Kaleidoscope and perform at other school, local and area venues when possible. Many go on to high school and college dance programs to continue their dance career. They are committed to their craft and continually strive to grow and mature as dancers/performers.

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